Clear film on your car that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Do you feel like whenever you wash your vehicle, that no matter how hard you scrub, or how close you put the nozzle on the spray gun to your paint that you just can’t seem to get rid of that ugly white film that seems to appear shortly after your last wash? Have you also wondered  where you are getting that film?

Over time vehicles will drop oils, grease, brake dust and other contaminants on the roads as they are travelling, and once you get a rain storm, the rain loosens up the oils, fluids and other contaminants off the ground and thus begins the returning process of the white film on your paint! Any time someone passes you on the highway or in town in a rain storm all that dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants gets covered on your vehicle.

How do I remove this? There are a few ways to go about removing the white film on your vehicle. Some of those include:

  • Clay bar. Using a clay bar on the exterior of your vehicle can help pick up any left behind contamination that washing does not remove, leaving you with a clean paint surface.
  • Polishing. Polishing the paint will go way further than the clay bar will. Polish when applied by machine or hand will go deep into the paint to remove absolutely every bit of contamination, and should also help bring back the glossy shine your vehicle had before the white film appeared.
  • Paint sealant. Paint sealants such as wax for example will help prevent the white film from coming back by creating a extra layer of protection to your paint. The only down fall to this is that over time (6-12 months) the wax will start to disappear, allowing the white film to come back. So you have to be on top of this!





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