Waterless Wash? What Is It?

Today we are going to talk about the Waterless Wash system What is it? and what are the pro’s and con’s of it!

Waterless is the process used to wash your car. Almost all waterless wash products contain water in them. They are called waterless because they are designed to clean your car without you having to pre or post-rinse the vehicle.

The waterless wash is a great way to keep your vehicle clean between washes. The key to safely using a waterless car wash is to use plenty of clean, microfiber towels. Fold your towel in half and then in half again, creating 8 sides. After using all 8 sides of a microfiber towel, quit using the microfiber towel and switch to a new, clean microfiber towel so you don’t simply transfer dirt removed from one panel to another panel. Please keep in mind that this process must not be done when there is a large amount of dirt or mud on the exterior of the paint! For situations like this just stick to the traditional two bucket water and soap wash.


1) They don’t use water! Saves you money on your water bill!

2) Great way to clean your own car if you live at a location where you don’t have access to a water hook up.

3) No mess!! you don’t have to worry about standing water on your driveway or having to clean out your water buckets.


1) It requires no rinsing. No rinsing means there are more contaminants left behind to be potentially dragged across the painted surface.

Dragging contaminants,dragging contaminants means scratches. Not good. The absence of rinsing also causes wash lines and marring, which become increasingly visible in the sun. Also not good.

2) Another point against waterless washes deals with suds. No water = no suds. Suds create lubricity and they lift dirt off your car, so your chances of damage are minimized. Suds are your friend here.

3) Some jobs are simply not compatible with waterless wash. If your car is totally filthy and covered in dirt that has possibly even been sitting on the surface for an extended period of time, a waterless wash is just simply not going to cut it.

Using this product on a vehicle in such a state will take forever, literally, until the end of time. It also won’t be able to remove everything without causing, at the very least, some minor scratching. The constant wiping of a surface that’s covered in contaminants is a big no-no.



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