Glass Protection

what_a_little_rain-x_can_do_for_you_3908431451Today we are going to talk about Glass Protection. Keeping your vehicle’s glass protected, clean, inside and out. When a vehicle comes from the dealership, the glass will come across as clean and well protected. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When driving through a rainstorm on the highway with fully protected glass, you should not need to use your wipers. The rain should simply just bead right off! This is super beneficial when you find that your wipers can’t keep up with clearing the window.

There are many different ways to protect your glass. Some of the most common are applying RainX, polishing and waxing. RainX is by far the most simple to apply. Simply just clean your glass, spray the RainX on your glass and wipe off! A single application of RainX  should provide great protection to your glass for 3-6 months depending on how much rain you drive through on a daily basis. Polishing and Waxing is quite a time consuming process, but well worth the time invested. The steps included are as follows: 1- Make sure your glass is clean. 2- Take a clay bar and slowly rub the clay bar along the glass to make sure there is no left behind dirt or other contamination on the windshield. 3- Take a applicator pad and apply a small amount of polish to the glass surface. Rub it in until the polish turns clear then wipe off the excess. 4 – Lastly take a different applicator pad and apply a coat of wax to the entire glass surface. Wait 15-20 minutes and wife the left excess wax left behind. This process of polishing and waxing should ensure that your glass is properly protected for up to 2 years!

Keeping the glass on your vehicle protected is just as important as keeping your paint protected. Over time when driving you will have bug guts, bird droppings and other contamination come in contact with the glass. No need to worry simply just wash it off and  be on your way!








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