Benefits Of The Clay Bar

Today we are going to talk about the Clay Bar process. Many of you i am sure have heard about the Clay Bar, but do not know what the benefits of it are!

When washing your vehicle you may get that accomplished feeling about how clean your vehicle is now that you finished washing it. Truth be told if you run your hand across your paint and you feel any resistance, your paint is indeed not clean.

What the Clay Bar does is it takes all the fine dirt, dust and contamination off the paint, leaving you with a smooth as glass finish to your paint. Getting the Clay Bar treatment to your vehicle twice a year is crucial in making sure your paint is properly cleaned of all dirt, dust and contamination. It will also help prevent road salt (that gets dumped onto our Canadian roads and highways every winter) from embedding itself into the paint, and will help keep the paint from rusting.

The Clay Bar process is also a crucial step when getting any kind of polish or wax job done. After washing your vehicle and removing the major dirt, debris and contamination from your paint, the Clay Bar process must then be done before applying any kind of paint protection such as polish, wax, sealants or ceramic coatings.

After reading this blog, if you are interested in getting a Clay Bar treatment done to your vehicle, please do not hesitate and contact us! It is many of the unique services that we are currently offering to the Pembina Valley!



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