Car Wash 101

Arguably one of the best maintenance activities once can do to their vehicle is the wash! It helps keep the vehicle looking its best, especially when done every couple of weeks.

The wash unfortunately when done improperly can be a big factor in your vehicle loosing its value. Very commonly the typical wash procedure includes going to the car wash, giving the vehicle a quick rinse to remove the majority of the larger dirt and grime from the body followed by using the foam brush to apply soap the the body. The foam brush is hands down the worst thing that could possibly be put on the vehicles paint. The foam brush is often used for cleaning rims, tires, and sometimes parts of the undercarriage. This is where the brush is doing more damage than good. Most of the time when people are done using the brush they do not clean the bristles, removing all dirt and stones. And this is where the next person comes along and starts applying the soap to the vehicle via the brush, and immediately starts damaging the paint. The dirt and stones that are left behind in the brush will start to produce swirl marks, and scratches and severely damage the clear coat on the vehicle. This is also where rust starts to form…

The ideal wash process would go like this: 1st, Rinse off the entire vehicle of dirt and debris.2nd, Use a 2 bucket method (one bucket for dirty water, one bucket for clean soap water) along with a micro fiber wash mitt. After every pass with the micro fiber wash mitt, rinse the wash mitt off in the dirty water bucket, followed by soaping up in the clean bucket. 3rd, Complete a final rinse of the entire vehicle, make sure no soap suds are left behind on the vehicle. 4th, Complete the wash process by drying off the vehicle with a micro fiber drying towel.

These are some simple basic wash tips to help maintain that showroom shine on your vehicle. Some other tips would be cleaning your rims, tires and wheel wells before your wash to ensure that you are not getting any dirt, grime, brake dust or any other wheel contaminants on your paint. Also make sure that when you are washing the vehicle, make sure you do it in the shade to avoid getting any permanent water spots on the paint via the sun. These are only a few of the simple tips and techniques that can be used to maintain that showroom shine of your vehicle.





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